Professor Dr. Ntayi has successfully supervised 24 (twenty four) PhD students andover 700 Masters’ dissertation to completion. These students completed their PhD studies in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. He is currently supervising a number of PhD students (at different levels of completion). 4 PhD candidates are expected to graduate in January 2019.  He is mentoring 4 academic staff to develop their PhD concept papers. Prof. Ntayi has carried out research and published over 119 Journal articles in international refereed journals, in the areas of procurement, microfinance, supply chain, logistics, transport, contract enforcement, work ethics, procurement ethics, performance management, citizenship projects, project management and sales force management (for details see or section for journal articles published). Currently Prof. Ntayi has 8 Manuscripts under peer review in international refereed Journals. His recent work is in the areas of (a) procurement and logistics management (b) procurement ethics (c) management of procurement contracts (c) procurement institutional framework (d) entrepreneurship capital in Africa (e) Microfinance - social performance management, (f) supply chain management


(1)   Gideon Nkurunziza: Business Process Re-engineering performance. Scheduled to present his discussion chapter in August 2018.

(2)   Henry Mutebi: Coordination in Humanitarian Organizations. Scheduled to present his discussion chapter in August 2018.

(3)   Geoffrey Nkuutu: Risk Management in Commercial Banks. Scheduled to present his discussion chapter in August 2018.

(4)   Ms. M. Moyo: Self-employment in a developing country Context: case of Zimbabwe.


(1)   Judith Charumbira – University of Lusaka (Zambia):Supply Chain Management as a competitive strategy in the fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing sector in Zimbabwe. She is on course and progressing well.


(1)   Nokuthula G Moyo: Knowledge and Technology management in the Mineral sector of Zimbabwe. (Midlands State University, Zimbabwe).

(2)   Mrs Muphemi Ronicah (Midlands State University, Zimbabwe). She is on course and progressing well.

Mr. Story Masiyiwa – Midlands state University – Zimbabwe


External Universities: Co-supervised 15 students from foreign universities: South Africa, USA, Netherlands, Zambia, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Tanzania.

Sample of 223 Masters Students Supervised by Dr. Joseph M. Ntayi

  1. Ahmed Walugembe, 2000/HD10/14391U, (MBA): Customer awareness, trust, perception and readiness to accept E-shopping
  2. Lamunu Elizabeth, 2006/HD10/6082U,(MHRM): SME Learning, SME Competence & performance for SMEs in Kampala
  3. Yunia Masasizi, 2008/HD10/14320U, (Msc Acc & Finance): Expatriate capabilities, knowledge transfer, competitive advantage and financial performance of foreign direct investment in the Ugandan service sector
  4. Racheal Daisy Mirembe, 2007/HD10/1400U (Msc Acc & Finance): Social capital, mortgage financing & performance of real estates.
  5. Muliira Alex, 2008/HD10/14224U (Msc MKG): Marketing culture, collaborative learning, moral awareness and moral schema of Bank sales people
  6. Sylivia M. Aarakit,2008/HD10/14233U (MBA): Intrapreneurial orientation, social networks & firm performance.
  7. Mugalura Jude Thaddeo,2008/HD10/14159U (MPSM): Buyer-supplier collaboration, adaptation, trust, commitment & relationship continuity of selected private manufacturing firms in Kampala
  8. Oluka Moses, 2006/HD10/6009U (Msc Acc & Finance): Firm characteristics, foreign exchange risk management and performance, a case of export firms in Uganda
  9. Nafuna Esther Buwule, 2006/HD10/5981U (Msc Acc & Finance): Foreign direct investment on technology transfer, productivity spillovers & in selected service & manufacturing sectors in Uganda.
  10. Ijoku Elizabeth, 2005/HD10/2982U (Msc HRM): The work environment, occupational stress, counter productive work behavior & teachers’ performance in Kampala & Wakiso districts
  11. Samson Sylivester Adago, 2005/HD10/372T (Msc Acc & Finance): Relationship between internal control, auditor independence, transparency & service delivery
  12. Moses Akera, 2006/HD10/8130U (Msc PSCM): Assessing the relationship of ARVs supply chain; The case of distribution centers & Art service delivery points in Kampala
  13. Erinah Kanyange Mugerwa, 2006/HD10/6158U (MscMKG): Governance structures, ethical behavior & supply chain performance of essential medicines in Eastern Uganda
  14. Peace kyogabirwe Mugabe, 2005/HD10/3004U (MscHRM): Emotional competence, operant competence, perceived equity, psychological contract & performance of Commercial Banks
  15. Amumpaire Audrey Ruz, 2004/HD10/2664U (Msc A/c Finance): Tax administration & taxpayers’ perceived fairness as determinants of VAT compliance
  16. Byaruhanga Robert,2004/HD10/2670U (MscMKG): Normative appeals & tax compliance in Uganda
  17. Nsisi Catherine, 2005/HD10/30484U (Msc HRM): Performance appraisal, organizational justice, psychological contract & organizational citizenship behavior among the lecturers in Uganda College of Commerce
  18. Kanyerezi Kenneth, 2006/HD10/6064U(MscHRM): Individual learning, entrepreneurial orientation & entrepreneurial competences in Kampala
  19. Cakuru Christine, 2005/HD10/2980U (MscHRM): Competence-based performance appraisal psychological contract, personal initiative, organizational citizenship behavior & perceived performance
  20. Joseph Nsaale Byondo, 2001/HD10/1131U: Delinquency management in microfinance institutions
  21. Micheal Kiwagama, 2002/HD10/1705U(MBA): Retail store environment & store image
  22. Namuju Sylivia, 2006/HD10/3117U: Promoting organizational commitment among bank employees
  23. Zahra Muhammed, 2002/HD10/1707U: Interpersonal interactions & customer satisfaction in commercial bank in Uganda
  24. Jane Anyango Kabbale, 96/HD/122 : Perceived organizational support, psychological contract & employee satisfaction
  25. Kakongolo Joan, 2005/HD10/2985U (Msc HRM): Organizational culture ICT use, competencies, role charity, empowerment, supervisory biases & contextual performance among non academic employees (registrar & administrators) Makerere University
  26. Nyachwo Julian, 2006/HD10/6130U (Msc HRM): Managerial competencies & entrepreneurial competences of entrepreneurs & survival of new small scale businesses in Uganda
  27. Noel Mwebaze, 2006/HD10/6096U (MBA): Survivor syndrome, occupational stress, psychological contract & organizational citizenship behavior among employees in non governmental organizations
  28. Augustus Baguma Mutooro, Msc. Marketing: Firm level determinants of the export performance of Uganda’s non traditional agricultural exporting firms
  29. Peter Teko Lokeris, 2003/HD10/488U (MBA): Market networks, relational norms, partner loyalty in selected petroleum companies in Uganda
  30. Police Businge Fred, 2002/HD10/1571U (Msc. Acc&F): Borrower’s x-tics, micro credit and household income levels in rural areas- Case of Kasese
  31. Tusiime Benius Kaginda, (MBA): Human resource competencies, employee empowerment and internal control system of financial services
  32. Kayizzi Ronald Musoke, 2006/HD10/5943U (Msc Acc & Finance): Operational risk, internal control and bank performance
  33. Ahimbisibwe Arthur, 2007/HD10/11415U (Msc Proc): Outsourcing, contract, trust, opportunistic behavior and service delivery in public procuring and disposal entities(PDEs) in Uganda
  34. Kahiire Rusimwa Norbert,2005/HD10/3067U(Msc Mkg): Value based contractor selection & contract performance in the public sector. A case of the construction company in Uganda
  35. Alice Mbabazi, 2004/HD10/2559U (Msc HRM): Organizational culture, competencies, empowerment & organizational citizenship behavior
  36. Badaza Emmanuel,2002/HD10/1699U(MscMKG): Firm characteristics & export performance in the fruit sector
  37. Tukamusiima Eddy Kurobuza, 2002/HD10/377U (Msc MKG): Perceived physical fitness & organizational citizenship behavior.
  38. Katumba Julie, 99/HD10/1035U(MscMKG): Social capital, networking, market access & the welfare of farmers
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  41. Wana Hope Gloria,2006/HD10/6029U (Msc Acc & Finance): Effective communication, ethics, perceived quality, perceived value & customer loyalty
  42. John Kizito Ndiwalana, 2002/HD10/1509/U (Msc Acc & Finance): Budgeting participation, goal commitment & employment performance
  43. Nakayiza Hadija, 2002/HD10/1524/U (Msc Acc & Finance): Employee competence, attitudes, empowerment& financial performance of hotels
  44. Kimbugwe Francis Kenneth, 2007/HD10/11333U (MBA): Entrepreneurial motivation, social networks innovation & firm performance
  45. Kemigisha Harriet,2003/HD10/292U (MBA):Social capital, team work & loan repayment
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  47. Gathaiga G.J, 2005/HD12/4415K: Effect of human resource information system on the strategic competitive advantage of an indigenous financial institution in Kenya
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