1. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  2. Entrepreneurial Anthropology
  3. Effects of supplier development activities on delivery cycle time in agro processing firms in Uganda (international Journal of social economics).
  4. Buyer-Supplier Relationship Commitment of the Food Processing firms.
  5. Swiftness in Public Procurement.
  6. Adherence to Bid Evaluation Criteria in Ugandan Public Procurement.
  7. Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Stakeholders’ Engagement, Procurement Contract Administration, and Quality Service Delivery in Liberian Procuring Entities (PES).
  8. Growing Social Capital for Financial Inclusion of Poor Households in Rural Uganda.
  9. Financial Intermediation and Financial Inclusion in Uganda: Does Social Capital Matter among the Poor?
  10. Institutional Collaboration and Information Systems Integration in Government of Uganda Institutions.
  11. Institutionalizing SPM in MFIs.
  12. Bid-rigging