Skills summary

  • Skilled first aider and health advisor
  • Persuasive communicator with strong listening, writing and verbal skills 
  • Expert baker
  • Excellent relationship builder with the public
  • Good time keeper
  • Perfect report writer
  • Outstanding computer expert

Qualifications summary

  • Good first aider and health advisor with an eleven year working experience and I have received several certificates after most of my participations.
  • I have overwhelming communication skills with a proven record of producing outstanding results having a good mode of defense gained through the many debates I have participated in.
  • I am a competitive baker with a three year working experience. I attained this skill from the Uganda Home Economics Institute in a four months training session and I emerged the best participant within that short time.

Professional profile

I have highly acquainted first aid and health experience through the field of scouting and I am a wonderful communicator with a proven record of returning a high quality result within the shortest time possible. I am an amazing baker producing excellent cakes with a high quality nutritional ingredient content within a short time. I am a computer expert mainly in the field of typing texts, printing, sealing and photocopying.