1. In 2012-2016 we undertook and completed working on an international Research project with Prof. Piotr Sorokowski focusing          on Cross-cultural research project on  marital satisfaction. The study was conducted in 41 countries. Prof. Piotr Sorokowski is          the Head of Experimental Social Psychology Unit (Institute of Psychology, University of Wrocław), Poland.
2. In 2016, Ramathan Ggoobi, Benard Musekese Wabukala and Joseph Ntayi won a research grant from Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung          to  Analysis of Existing Industrial Policies and State of Implementation in Uganda. The work was completed and submitted in        January 2017.
3. In 2017-2018 we are working on an international project with Professor Agnieszka Sorokowska of University of Wroclaw,                Wrocław WROC with expertise in Evolutionary Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology. We are undertaking      a Global study of social odor awareness. we are conducting a large-scale analysis of data collected from 10,794 participants from 52 study sites from 44 countries all over the world. The aim of our research is to explore the potential individual and country-level       correlates of odor awareness in the social context.