(1) In September 2008, Professor Joseph Ntayi was awarded a research grant by ICBE-RF to research on “Contract and Conflict in          the supply chain: The Case of Ugandan       Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, (Dr. Joseph Ntayi, MUBS and Prof. Gerrit              Rooks, Eindohoven University of Technology, The Netherlands). Collaborating institutions       were Uganda High Court-                Commercial division, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry, UNCC&I, UMA, UEPC. This project was successfully                        completed.
(2) Procurement practices in Uganda’s SME’s 2014
(3) Perceived organizational support and Employee satisfaction in conditions of acquisitions and Mergers: Evidence from                       Uganda’s commercial banks, (Dr. Joseph Ntayi,MUBS and Prof. Gerrit Rooks, Eindohoven University of Technology, The                 Netherlands) -2012
(4) Entrepreneurship capital project in Uganda – ICBE 204.
(5) “Youth entrepreneurial Mindset in Uganda” - This was successfully completed in June 2019. The project was funded by                      NORHED
(6) Projects in 2020:
a.  Energy Resilience
b.  Sustainable procurement in developing countries
c.  Supply chain Resilience in the agricultural sector
d. Social Capital, Psychological Capital and Self-determination of Retirees.
(7) Gerontology: Social insurance