Professor Dr. Joseph M. Ntayi and Prof. Victor Mbarika of Southern University (USA) co-organized successfully the fourth (4th international conference on ICT for Africa that took place in March 21-24, 2012; Kampala - Uganda.  Prof. Dr. Ntayi has attended and presented papers at both local and international PhD symposium, Academic and Business Conferences on the following: Progress out of poverty, Social Performance Management (SPM) of MFIs and Progress out of Poverty, Cooperative Governance Mechanisms, Gerontology, Savings and credit cooperative (SACCO) and Microfinance Governance, Institutional framing and schemas, SACCO and Microfinance Darwinism, public administration, urban development and management, Procurement, supply chain, positive psychology, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Development, ICT, Contracts, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Customer Service, Total Quality Management, Customer Care Strategies, social entrepreneurship, social protection, social inclusion and insurance. He has in the past successfully Organized Monthly Round Table Management fora for SMEs and Big businesses at Kampala Sheraton Hotel under the sponsorship of Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAUF) - Germany.  On several occasions, Prof. Ntayi attended workshop on General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATTs); UNCTAD; Generalized Systems of Preferences, Public Assessment Workshops. Common Wealth Heads of government meetings, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).