1)      Financial inclusion

2)      Microfinance Case Studies – Social Performance management, PPI.

3)      Action Learning and Entrepreneurship capital in Uganda

4)      Covenantal relationships in Ugandan Copreneurships

5)      Institutional schemas, ICT adoption and SME access to public procurement contracts.

6)      Knowledge-based and growth-oriented entrepreneurship in Uganda

7)      Entrepreneurial Moral Values among Ugandan SMEs

8)      Ethical sensitivity and ethical Leadership in Ugandan public sector

9)      Corporate social responsibility and green business

10)  Cognitive Moral Development: Evidence from Sudan, Uganda and Kenya

11)  Organizational Amnesia in Ugandan SMEs

12)  Moral Panic in Uganda

13)  Effects of supplier development activities on delivery cycle time in agro processing firms: A transaction cost approach.

14)  Moral Conduct of Public Servants In Uganda

15)  Moral Schema of Public Procurement officers in Uganda and Kenya

16)  Story design and design story under garage computing for retirement planning