Moses Levi Kisakye Ntayi

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging Computer service and Networking technician position in a major medical establishment utilizing expertise in computer aided medical diagnostics and troubleshooting in order to provide clients with the best solutions.


a)      Computer repair and management

Computer repair and management with an A+ certificate obtained at Monaco labs in December 2013. I have worked with James Matovu in computer repairing at URA clearing office at Qualicell building, at Metro FM headquarters in Mengo, at Bweyogerere Christian primary school among other various places.

b)      Computer networking

Certified networker with Cisco, and I have a CCNA qualification obtained at Aptech Computer school in 2014.  Result oriented person with the ability to work with different types of operating systems. I have mastered the art of updating my knowledge with the latest patches and commands from Cisco, to keep me with the recent changes. I have working knowledge and experience on managing cracking, hacking and brute forcing routers and networking equipment and also discovered the loop holes in the previous equipment by Cisco. I can therefore be a good network security technician in an organization.

c)       Excellent communication, interpersonal and time management skills

Debating skills with numerous awards won at various recognized grand debates. I have been the best debater at the Nabisunsa Girls School in two consecutive years, in 2010 and 2011; at Our Lady of Africa Namilyango in 2011, and at Yefe high school in 2012. I have been recognized as one of the best debaters at Seeta Hill College for all my years there as a secondary school student.

d)      Coaching  and Coordination Skills

I have coached the youth in science [Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics]. I’m good at Counseling students and patients. Community Outreach Coordinator 2014-2015. I planned and coordinated public health education programs at Seeta Hill College. I expanded program participation by 100% by collaborating with school administration to identify partners to participate in public health education program.

e)      Research and Data Entry Skills

I have worked as a research assistant; data collection and data entrant for a national research study about entrepreneurship capital in Uganda’s SME’s (done in 2011) which was spearheaded by Prof. Dr. Joseph Ntayi. I have good working knowledge and skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); Statistical and research software (SPSS, AMOS). Expertise in using computer applications i.e. spreadsheets, databases, and word processing using MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access with a vast experience of using the applications from about 2003.

f)       I worked as a theatre assistant for various operations during my internship in Masafu Hospital in Busia in June/July 2015. The operations include: laparotomies, breast cancer, and caesarean operations among others.

g)      Counseling  Skills

Counseling patients; hypertensive, diabetes mellitus patients, and HIV patients on special clinic days during my internship in Masafu hospital during the time frame stated above.

h)      Questioning others.

This is an inborn characteristic which I have possessed since birth. I have used the questioning skill articulately. I have efficiently utilized this skill during my time as the prosecutor of the disciplinary committee at Seeta Hill College from 2012-2013. This skill was very important when I was a research assistant to Prof. Ntayi in 2011.

Qualification summary