(1)   Over 1700 undergraduates (1997-2013)   

(2)   Over 500 Masters students

(3)   19 PhD students


(1)   Professor Dr. Ntayi is currently mentoring a number of academic staff at MUBS in preparation for their PhD studies.

(2)   He has mentored 17 academic staff in research and publications area.  All these 17 academic members of staff have co-authored research papers with Professor Dr. Ntayi in international refereed journals.

(3)   He is currently mentoring 3 academic members of staff who are expected to publish their papers in internationally refereed journals in the first quarter of 2020. Three (3) staff are currently writing their research manuscripts. Three manuscripts have been accepted for presentation.

(4)   He is mentoring staff at MUBS through – SN Research Mentorship Team and the SOCRATES arrangement. The team is currently studying Board Role Performance in Secondary Schools, and Holistic Education in Catholic founded secondary schools.