1. Over 1700 undergraduates (1997-2013)
  2. Over 500 Masters students
  3. 19 PhD students


  1. (1)Professor
  2. He has mentored 17 academic staff in research and publications area. All these 17 academic members of staff have co-authored research papers with Professor
  3. He is currently mentoring 3 academic members of staff who are expected to publish their papers in internationally refereed journals in the second quarter of 2019. Three (3) staff are currently writing their research manuscripts. Three manuscripts have been accepted for presentation during the international Public Procurement Conference in Arusha Tanzania in August 2016.
  4. Mentoring 3 graduate assistants in the faculty of Computing and Informatics.
  5. He is mentoring staff at MUBS through – SOCRATES arrangement.


  1. Professor Dr. Ntayi serves on the scientific and reviewing panel for International Public Procurement,
  2. He is on the editorial Board of the International Journal of Public Procurement, Emerald publishing house.
  3. He serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Public Procurement and Contract Management. A scholarly Journal of the Institute of Procurement Professionals of Uganda (IPPU).
  4. Reviewer for Operations Research Society for Eastern Africa (ORSEA).
  5. Joseph is a reviewer for the Journal of Economics and International Finance (,
  6. Reviewer for - The International Journal of Human Resource Management,
  7. Reviewer for the International Journal of Auditing,
  8. Reviewer for the African Journal of Economics,
  9. Reviewer for a number of Journals under the emerald-publishing house and library.
    1. Professor Dr. Ntayi is the former editor of the Makerere Business Journal (MBJ), a scholarly peer reviewed journal (2012-June 2014).
    2. Former editor in chief of the African Journal of Business and Law (AJOBAL) (2008-2009)
    3. Professor Dr. Ntayi has served on the scientific committee of the International Public Procurement since 2010 (IPPC4, IPPC5, IPPC6, IPPC7) to date. In 2012, Dr. Ntayi served on the scientific committee of the fifth International Public Procurement (IPPC5) and the USA National Institute for Government Purchasing, NIGP Annual Forum and Products Exposition August 2012.The conference and NIGP forum provided an intellectual and professional development opportunity for participants as nearly 200 papers from over 70 countries were reviewed and presented. Dr. Ntayi received and accepted an invitation to coordinate the sixth International Research in Public procurement. He was on the scientific committee of the sixth international public procurement forum that took place in Ireland in August 2014. He is an active member of the scientific committee IPPC8 – which will take place in August 2018 in Arusha, Tanzania.