Skills summary

Ø  Organizing people for a given activity

Ø  Listening to others

Ø  Questioning

Ø  Writing reports

Ø  Leadership

Ø  Effective communication

Ø  Encouraging others

Qualifications summary

ü  I have been a leader for the past four years as a class prefect and an academic prefect from 2015-2016.

ü  I have been organizing my fellow classmates for different activities for example discussions.

ü  Am good at questioning people for different reasons such as learning more

ü  I have always communicated effectively during school assemblies and prefectural meetings.     

ü  Taking care of different people to ensure that their life is made easier

ü  Encouraging others through telling them to stay committed and do their best most especially in their academics.

ü  I always listen to different people so as to get their point of view.

ü  I have been writing yearly and monthly reports about the class and as the academic prefect, and presenting them to our class teacher.

Professional profile

I have attained three certificates i.e. Primary Leaving Examinations, Uganda Certificate of Education, Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education.